Collections Attorney | South Bay & San Jose CA

I have been practicing civil litigation in San Jose and the South Bay since 1993. I help clients enforce their rights and navigate the court process from pre-litigation settlement, court action through trial, and post-judgment enforcement remedies.

I represent clients in civil matters both as plaintiffs and defendants. These include situations arising from business disputes, breaches of contract, collection matters, commercial law matters such as sales of goods, breaches of warranty, enforcement of notes or checks, actions on guaranties, fraud.

Examples of businesses I have helped include: advertising services, banks, bars, brokers, car dealers, collection agencies, computer hardware manufacturers, contractors, expert witness services, furniture dealers, lease finance companies, landlords, manufacturers (foreign and domestic), materialmen/suppliers, pharmaceuticals, publishers, restaurants, services rendered, software services, staffing companies, transportation, victims of fraud or embezzlement.

Not all transactions are business or commercial in nature. I have represented many individual clients who needed help: family partnership dispute, fraud, investments gone wrong, loans made, Ponzi schemes, etc.

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Enforcement of Judgment

I also help clients with enforcing money judgments won in a wide variety of circumstances. These range from: breach of contract, commercial leases, construction, criminal restitution, equipment leases, family law awards (support, property division, etc.), guaranties, loans, labor commissioner awards, personal injury awards not covered by insurance, real property transactions, residential leases, wages

Bottom line: if you have a civil money judgment I can help you with enforcement.

I have experience enforcing judgments from others states in California. This is called domesticating a sister-state judgment. It is a straightforward process. Once completed the judgment may be enforced here as if the whole case had been handled here from the outset.

I am also experienced in having judgments from other countries entered and recognized in California for purposes of enforcement. Not surprisingly this process is more complicated than having a judgment recognized from another state in the union.

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If you have a civil money judgment I can help you with enforcement.